Slimming Lypossage Wrap

Lypossage is a specialized body work technique that is provided by our advanced trained licensed and certified massage therapist.


Lypossage is a non-surgical, non-invasive, anti-aging, detoxifying bodywork modality that promotes the reduction of adipose tissue (fat cells) and cellulite tissue through lymphatic drainage and kneading of the adipose tissue in the areas of concern.  The bodywork techniques are used along with a specially formulated homeopathic spray or ointment that promotes fat metabolism and assists with weight reduction thereby resulting in a smoother appearance of the skin.  The therapy shows significant and measurable results.

Five inches can be lost within in just six weeks.  The treatment can also break up adhesions in the skin and adipose tissue layers, improve sinus conditions, reduce thigh pain, reduce fibrocystic breasts, and much more.