Men's High Performance Facial

“My skin is dull. How do I make my skin better? Maybe I should try a home facial scrub. I think I’ll call up my bro and ask him what’s good for my skin,” asked, like, no guy ever—right?


You might be surprised. The men’s grooming industry is exploding—according to some reports, at up to eight percent a year —and it’s not just cologne and aftershave that men are looking for. They want to improve complexion on their skin; they want better facial skin, more pleasing skin tones, a more confident look.

Facials for men, though, provide a whole lot more than a simple confidence boost. They help improve facial muscle tone, provide much-needed stress relief, and facilitate vastly improved skin health. You may be surprised at the benefits of a facial, even for men.


Muscle Toning

During your super-precise, ninety minute daily workout, exactly how much time do you spend working the muscles in your face? Is that even important? Believe it or not, a great men’s facial doesn’t just clear damage to skin, it helps tone those underused muscles that make your cheekbones distinct, your smile engaging, your furrowed brow fascinating, and your soon-to-be-developing crow’s feet as masculine as Clint Eastwood’s. In short, a facial might just make you manlier.


Remarkable Stress Relief

The results are in, and they’re no surprise whatsoever: Men are typically more stressed out than women. Massage and muscle relaxation, especially in underused areas like the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders, are key to handling stress and moving forward at home and in the workplace. A good facial twice a year might not just make you manlier; its de-stressing effects might make you more able to take on life’s challenges.


Skin Health

We’ll leave the most often used argument for men’s facials for last: They help clear up your skin. Facials remove blackheads and dead skin. They might even help remove discolorations and small marks that you thought were permanent.

As you can see, your friend’s advice on keeping your skin healthy might be more important than you thought. Facials tone the muscles in your skin, relieve stress, and help you maintain skin health for life; it may be that manly exercise you didn’t know you were missing.